Full-Service Catering Equipment Rentals For Commercial Kitchens

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Rental Contracts to Suit Your Kitchen’s Needs

Thousands of companies have benefited from Foodservice Equipment Rental, which offers a range of rental options to obtain the necessary catering equipment. This service caters to businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to well-established multi-location operators, ensuring that there is a solution for everyone.

By eliminating the need for a large initial financial investment, Foodservice Equipment Rental makes it possible to access commercial-grade catering equipment, while also providing peace of mind through their service and maintenance coverage. This frees up business owners to focus on running their operation without having to worry about the upkeep of their kitchen.

As a subsidiary of PKL Group, Foodservice Equipment Rental draws on over three decades of experience delivering catering projects worldwide, providing reliable and dependable service.

Huge range of commercial catering equipmentCommercial catering equipment for your business with a low upfront cost

Comprehensive technical support Comprehensive technical support coverage included within your fixed payments

Expert catering equipment adviceExpert guidance and advice from catering
equipment experts

Design, delivery, intsallation and project management Flexible service support options including design, installation and project management

Complete kitchen peace of mind Complete peace of mind and known fixed costs for your kitchen operation

Discover Our Expertise

As leading catering equipment specialists with over three decades of experience, we provide top-notch commercial catering equipment to multiple sectors within the foodservice industry. Whether you need a single item or a fully-equipped kitchen, our team of experts is here to assist you with expert advice. Contact us today for top-notch support and guidance.

“FER were brilliant in helping me get the restaurant off the ground”
“Because FER have been so good with the honest advice they’ve given, we have exactly the right equipment for us”
“I would highly recommend my friends that are in the hospitality sector to use you”
“Outstanding customer service”
“All prompt. Emails, follow-up and delivery. Highly recommend!”

Flexible Foodservice Equipment Procurement

Foodservice Equipment Rental offers a range of flexible procurement options for new commercial catering and foodservice equipment.

Whether you’re looking to rent foodservice equipment, buy it, or try before you buy, we offer a range of different options to get new commercial catering equipment in a way that suits your business.

Our Try it, Buy it option allows you to rent catering equipment first before you decide whether to buy it, carry on renting it, or send it back if it’s no longer suitable for your catering needs. All of our rental offers are available via a range of weekly payments providing a flexible solution for your business.

Our food rental equipment and catering services are more than affordable offering different way to procure it for your business that doesn’t require a huge upfront cost. Whether you’re a restaurant, cafe, coffee shop, bar, convenience store or any type of foodservice business, get in contact with us today to find out how we can help!

Foodservice Equipment Rental is part of Lowe Rental Inc, supplier of catering equipment rental solutions throughout the USA since 1977.