Tips to make your kitchen more energy efficient  

Key tips in making your kitchen more energy efficient  


The running of a commercial kitchen is essential for the success of any catering business. For most, when buying catering equipment for their kitchen, two factors considered include cost and maximisation of output and productivity of each appliance, while environmental factors such as efficiency and energy outputs can often be overlooked.

Despite this, there have been multiple studies that have shown consumers prefer to dine and spend money on hospitality business that market their environmental benefits. So, considering the environmental benefits of your equipment could be a good option for your overall revenue, as it could help contribute to growing your own customer base. In addition to this, even though a product may be of a low initial cost, if it has higher energy outputs, it may cost more to run. Taking the time to consider a more efficient option, can in the long term save your overall operational cost.

Below we have outlined a few equipment pieces that can easily help environmental efficiency for your business, along with some equipment examples and tips that can add value to your business.

What equipment can you pick for your kitchen? 

Due to the huge increase of information online regarding sustainability, it can be difficult for businesses wanting to make positive environmental impacts to know where to begin. Taking a small step like choosing stainless-steel work prep tables is an easy and low-cost start. Having stainless steel material equipment pieces means the durability of the product is maximized and can help minimize the need to replace these products after a shorter period of time. Furthermore, the material can be easily cleaned and can minimize the chemicals you use upon the work service reducing your air pollution within your facility.

It can be a common assumption that a commercial dishwasher is the main reason for a company’s high energy bills. In some cases, this can be true. However, energy-efficient dishwasher and glasswashers can have more environmental benefits than dishwashing by hand, with a smaller volume of water used.
Meiko Dishwashers are a good choice for a greener kitchen, and their innovation team has designed a system where freshwater is not used every cycle, the water is purified and recycled ready for each wash, helping you save water in your warewashing processes.

Key tip: Look out for an energy star rating when renting or purchasing your commercial dishwasher.

Finally, induction hobs carry many additional environmental benefits. They can control the energy levels your business is using, by only generating power when a pot or pan in place on the equipment. It can also generate hot and cool temperatures in short time frames, minimizing preheating, and cooling energy. Using induction as opposed to open burners ovens, will also have a huge impact on the heat build-up within your kitchen which also has a significant impact on your energy costs for extraction and cooling. The initial cost of ownership is high however the cost over the life span of the equipment will be significantly lower in the long term.


As conversations and education on climate change arise, there is increasing pressure on businesses to become more environmentally friendly in their day-to-day operations. Investments in equipment including, worktables, energy-efficient dishwashers and induction hobs can encourage a greener cycle, encouraging a positive environmental image and help to raise your brand profile with your customers. While some energy-efficient equipment may have a higher upfront cost, their energy-saving initiatives mean these equipment pieces can help save you money in the long term. We also offer a number of rental solutions if you are looking at energy-efficient equipment and want to minimize the upfront cost of procuring it.