How Big Rental helps kitchen managers with multiple sites


Many foodservice operations today are part of groups – as businesses look to improve profits and achieve better margins, consolidating into a large group can achieve economies of scale that can boost the bottom line. 

But this brings complexity and stress for those within the group running it on a day to day basis. That’s why Foodservice Equipment Rental created Big Rental:  to help.

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Stressed from running multiple kitchen sites? 

Managing a large kitchen estate can be stressful. 

You have a huge amount of responsibilities, including:  

  • Staff
  • Bills
  • Supply
  • New menu training
  • Health officer inspections

…and that’s just the start of the list, it goes on and on.

The tide of requests, problems, planning needs and problem-solving can be overwhelming.

The last thing you need to worry about is your foodservice equipment. A big breakdown can mean: 

  • Large costs for repair
  • Phone calls to deal with manufacturers 
  • Reduced service costs
  • Higher stress on staff
  • Higher workload on your other equipment
  • Disappointed or angry customers due to slower service 

You’re trying to reduce costs and increase your efficiency, speed up your service times whilst reducing your spend on ingredients and keeping your staff happy. And then a piece of equipment goes down, effectively ruining all of that effort. It can be soul destroying. 

Here to help…

If there was a service that would reduce your equipment bills for servicing, maintenance and procurement, speeded up repair response times and made getting replacement equipment a breeze, wouldn’t that be a good thing? 

That’s why Foodservice Equipment Rental created Big Rental. 

It is the solution you need if you are managing multiple kitchen sites and want to reduce your costs, reduce your stress and remove the biggest headache from your life…

Big Rental from Foodservice Equipment Rental is very simple: 

Foodservice Equipment Rental takes responsibility for all of your kitchen equipment: maintenance, training, breakdowns and replacement – for five years, and all for one, simple monthly fee.

This means:

  • An end to hefty breakdown bills
  • 24hr call outs for breakdowns
  • Quick and simple replacements for broken equipment

We can even buy your old kit off you and incorporate it into your monthly charges, reducing your bills and allowing you to realise the value from your kitchen estate in a way that benefits your bottom line now, rather than see your asset lose value until it gets written off. 

With Big Rental you have just one payment, one number and no problem.