How Try It Buy It helps new foodservice entrepreneurs

The problem for foodservice entrepreneurs

If you’re a food entrepreneur, trying to get a restaurant, cafe or bar off the ground, the initial startup costs can be very high. Equipment costs are nearly always the biggest cost you face. 

Securing finance as a new business owner can be difficult and daunting, and if you are successful, you are often tied into agreements which run for years. But you have to pay back the full amount before you own the equipment you need – a frightening thought for a new business. 

These issues are stopping talented, innovative business owners get started on their foodservice journey. 

Foodservice Equipment Rental decided to change that. 

Changing Foodservice Finance

Foodservice Equipment Rental is challenging the status quo by opening up opportunities for more people to start their own foodservice businesses easily and quickly. 

They realised rental can give customers more flexibility whilst still providing top-quality, brand new equipment. 

So Foodservice Equipment Rental created Try It Buy It…the solution to the problem that’s been holding foodservice in the USA back by keeping out innovative, exciting entrepreneurs from the market. Now you can invest in brand new equipment without the huge risk of a long-term contract or a big one-time bill before you’ve even started operating.

How it Works

Getting foodservice equipment from Foodservice Equipment rental couldn’t be simpler:

  1. Log on 
  2. Choose your equipment 
  3. Choose a one or two year rental term and pay one weeks rental 

You’ll receive a call within 24 working hours to arrange a credit check – to be sure that the product you’re offered is right for you – and delivery.

It really is that simple. 

During your rental period, the equipment is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, so if there’s a problem, you just need to give FER a call and they’ll handle the rest. No calling the manufacturer and no being left on hold for hours. They take away the stress. 

At the end of your rental you have three choices: 

  1. Buy the equipment for a reduced rate 
  2. Carry on renting under the same terms 
  3. Hand the equipment back without a penalty. 

The finance package you’ve needed has arrived

Get up and running for less, more quickly and more easily than ever before: Foodservice Equipment Rental is there to help exciting new foodservice entrepreneurs NOW.