What equipment do I need for a Chinese restaurant? 


Setting up your own Chinese restaurant can be a daunting task, filling the kitchen with the best equipment can be a big part of that, so we’ve created this blog, which outlines the equipment you need, the brands that we think offer the best experience for the best price and we even slip in some advice on where to place come of the equipment too. Read on to learn more…


For a fast moving Chinese restaurant, a good hotplate can help you provide the basics of egg fried rice, fried eggs, vegetables and more. A good hotplate gives you even temperature and doesn’t allow food to stick or burn too quickly, and the Garland Heavy-Duty Gas Counter Top Griddle GTGG24-GT24M does a great job.

For a little additional heating capacity to your kitchen, the Star-Max® Gas Hot Plate 602HF is a fantastic, good value example. 

For sauces and soups, a holding system is a really important element of your equipment portfolio, as it allows you to hold them for long periods without compromising taste. The  CookTek 7qt SinAqua Souper 675101 is a great example which uses clever induction technology to keep your food warm without spending too much on utilities. 

A good fryer is vital to any Chinese restaurant, and the Frymaster 35lb Twin Basket Energy Star Value Gas Fryer ESG35T can do a great job, because its small footprint, combined with a 17 liter tank, gives great heat retention, keeping cook times and your utility bills down. 

For the all important wok cooking, the new Induction Counter Top Wok Line GI-SH/WO 5000 is a great example of efficient, quick technology that reduces your bills and takes the temperature in the kitchen down a notch or two. 

It’s vital for so many dishes to have a good oven in your chinese restaurant kitchen, and having two is even more advisable as it gives you more flexibility and exponentially more capacity. For this reason the  Bakers Pride Double Deck Electric Convection Oven BPCV E2 is the perfect solution for businesses with a small footprint, allowing you to maximise your production potential.

Delfield One Door Reach-In Freezer GBF1P-S
Cleveland Counter Top Electric Manual Tilting Steam Kettle KET6TP


Refrigeration is a vital part of any production kitchen and a good display can help customers make their final decisions on dishes, or even add more to their order. We recommend this Lowe B1 Euro Deli Curved Glass Display as the perfect way to keep food fresh and boost sales at the same time. 

With refrigeration its vital for both short and long term storage, which is why we recommend having a worktable refrigerator at the point of production and larger scale storage away from your main production area. A great combination is the units from Delfield: the Delfield 24″ Two Door Undercounter/Worktable Refrigerator GUR24P-S to have near your production site and the Delfield Reach-In One Door Refrigerator GBR1P-S and Delfield One Door Reach-In Freezer GBF1P-S as longer term storage. These are great units as they have front and top vented compressors for efficiency and doors that close automatically under 90degrees and stay open over 90 degrees. This means you never waste electricity unnecessarily but loading is a breeze. 

For your vital ice machine, we recommend the Koolaire 330lbs Half Ice Kube Machine KYT-0300A which is big enough to support a large site, but also quiet and efficient so you barely notice its there the rest of the time. 


For busy restaurants we cannot stress how important it is to have good warewashing units that can handle busy times whilst always guaranteeing heat to kill nasty microbes and bacteria that could harm your customers (and your business). For that we recommend the Meiko Door Type High Temperature Dishwasher DV 80.2, which is built to the highest standards. 


Hopefully this blog has helped you get a good idea what equipment you need and the brands that could help you out without breaking the bank. The key is knowing your space, your menu and the right equipment that will give you usability and value. If you’d like to see a visual representation of the above setup, check out our example Chinese restaurant page.