What equipment do I need in a frozen dessert shop kitchen? 


In a frozen dessert kitchen, timing and control at key to get your product right. Setting up a kitchen that will allow you to serve fantastic desserts efficiently and smoothly, will take careful planning and consideration. 

That’s why we’ve put together this blog: it aims to help you make the right choices as far as your foodservice equipment is concerned and with the right equipment, you’ll be set up to produce the best food for your customers, time after time. 

Undercounter Fridge

It’s really important to have a good undercounter refrigerator in any foodservice business, but when you’re dealing with chilled toppings for frozen desserts, it’s going to be vital to have a good undercounter at the point of service. 

We recommend the Delfield 24″ Two Door Undercounter/Worktable Refrigerator GUR24P-S, which is hard wearing with a front-facing compressor for efficiency, and special doors that shut automatically if you open them less than 90 degrees, but stay open at a larger angle. This means that you won’t waste energy unnecessarily in service, but loading the unit is a breeze. 

Ice Cube machine

Making cold smoothies and ice cold drinks all day is going to require a LOT of ice cubes. Choose a unit which can keep up with demand without breaking a sweat. This means a good condensing unit and a large hopper to hold the ice ready for use. The Koolaire 330lbs Half Ice Kube Machine KYT-0300A is the perfect answer for this  – using the best materials and one of the most dependable condensers on the market mean this is a machine you won’t have to worry about as it helps you out, year after year.  

Large Fridge and Freezer

We recommend having additional refrigerated storage away from the workline. This allows larger units to be placed strategically, not in the way, but maximising the storage space you have available. For this we tend to offer the Delfield Reach-In One Door Refrigerator GBR1P-S and the Delfield One Door Reach-In Freezer GBF1P-S. They are both large, efficient and offer one of the best space to footprint ratios in the market. They also have front and top mounted compressors, which helps make the units more efficient, saving you on your utility bills. They also have the clever door system that the undercounter unit we recommended earlier has  – closing automatically under 90 degrees, staying open over, to make it easier to load.

Delfield One Door Reach-In Freezer GBF1P-S
Cleveland Counter Top Electric Manual Tilting Steam Kettle KET6TP

Refrigerated Display

With desserts, the first bite is with the eyes, as they say, and that means getting the right display. We’d always say that the best display unit helps customers to see the food and is subtly hinting at the quality inside with its fittings and look. The display must look the part in other words, it’s quality reflects on your products. For that reason, we recommend the Lowe B1 Euro Deli Curved Glass Display which has a very attractive curved glass top and will show off your desserts incredibly well. 


With frozen desserts, many of them will be using dairy products, which makes your choice of dishwasher vitally important. You need to be sure that the unit will maintain temperature to sterilise your pots, pans and crockery effectively and consistently. So choose a unit with a large reservoir, good heat retention features and multiple programmes, to allow you to up the time for those pots and pans that require a bit longer. The Meiko Undercounter High Temperature Dishwasher FV 40.2 is the perfect choice for all these requirements – giving you all you need to have peace of mind. 


A frozen dessert kitchen can bring in many customers, especially in high season – so it’s vital to get your equipment setup right, to make the kitchen as efficient as possible.

Follow our guidance above, and we believe that the kitchen set up you create will give you the best chance of success! To see a great visual of this kitchen, visit our example kitchen page here.