What equipment do I need in a chicken restaurant? 


Setting up a chicken restaurant is a huge challenge – and equipping your kitchen with the right kit can be a daunting part of that task. 

That’s why we’ve put together this guide to choosing the right types of foodservice equipment for your chicken restaurant and have included  recommendations for specific models we think are worth your consideration. 


A great chicken restaurant will offer great sides to go with their classic dishes – ‘slaw, hush puppies and pimento are all a vital part of the menu. To make these things at scale it’s so important to make it easy on yourself and buy a good quality mixer to speed up your production and reduce the strain on your arms! We recommend a solid, affordable mixer like the Doyon 20 Quart General Purpose Planetary Mixer EM20, which is well made, dependable and easy to use.


Production is where the magic happens – and a good quality range and oven is vital to any chicken restaurant kitchen. The stainless steel Garland Gas 6 Burner Oven X Series Restaurant Range X36-6R is a hard wearing unit with easy controls and a large oven that is just what you need: consistent and dependable. 

A good fryer is obviously a strong part of your foodservice equipment mix.  The Frymaster 25 Liter Twin Basket Gas Fryer GF40 is a great option, with its large 25 liter tank holding heat during busy sessions, and two baskets to boost your efficiency. 

Another vital part of your kitchen set up will be a broiler -ensuring you get lovely branding on your food – the Star-Max® Radiant Gas Charbroiler 6124RCBF is a great option – it’s affordable on our weekly rate and is made of the best materials available and has simple controls. 

An optional extra we like to mention is a combination oven. These combine steam and dry heat to cook your food. They are versatile and clever machines which increase the consistency of your production if you need to scale your business, serving hundreds of people a day. A great option is the Convotherm 4 easyTouch Gas Injection 6.10 GS, which has a small footprint, but can be programmed easily to produce fantastic steaks, chicken and more at the touch of a button.


A good refrigeration setup is one of the most important elements of any kitchen, and a chicken restaurant is no different. We recommend to all our foodservice customers that having a smaller, undercounter refrigerator at their production station with more extensive refrigerated storage elsewhere is by far the most efficient setup. It allows quick access to vital ingredients during service, but also allows larger deliveries, reducing your dependence on daily deliveries from all your suppliers. 

We recommend the Delfield 24″ Two Door Undercounter/Worktable Refrigerator GUR24P-S for the undercounter unit – which has a great stainless steel tabletop, reducing the need for tabling in your kitchen, and the Delfield Reach-In One Door Refrigerator GBR1P-S and the Delfield One Door Reach-In Freezer GBF1P-S for the larger storage. All the Delfield units are well designed, with front facing vents for efficiency, reducing your utility bills. The units also all feature clever door systems which shut automatically when opened less than 90 degrees (saving you money on wasted energy) but stay open over 90 degrees to make loading the units a dream. 

For ice production, the key element we’d recommend you consider is the hopper size – the more ice your hopper holds the more prepared you are for sudden rushes. The Koolaire 330lbs Half Ice Kube Machine KYT-0300A has a large hopper that is perfect for small to medium sized businesses – with 330lbs of ice you’ll never get caught out. 


In a busy restaurant, you’d be surprised how many kitchens feature cheap, small units. Saving money on your warewashing can be a tempting idea when you’re setting up – but it will create huge problems down the line. A smaller unit won’t be built for lots of washes and is more likely to break. Even when it’s still working, if your restaurant is busy the machine will struggle to heat its water quickly enough to ensure each wash has the heat to kill bacteria – which is vital to the true cleanliness of your plates. 

That’s why we recommend a ‘hood’ or ‘door’ warewasher, which are built to cope with large amounts of washes each day and have the power to keep temperature even in the busiest of sessions. The Meiko Door Type Dishwasher DV 80.2 is the perfect example – precision engineered it can handle the busiest session and is quiet and cheap to run too. 


Getting the right setup for your chicken restaurant need not be a chore – choose the best equipment to ensure prep, production, storage and warewashing sections are quick and efficient, and your staff and customers will be happy with the easy, quick service you can provide. 

If you’d like to see a visual representation of the setup listed above, along with the opportunity to rent it all with just one click, follow the link here.