What foodservice equipment do you need when you have a bakery and bagel restaurant?


If you’re thinking about launching your own bagel shop or bakery, then the foodservice equipment setup you choose has to utilize the best equipment for the best price and allow you to create a kitchen design that will allow an efficient production. 

Below we outline the type and brand of equipment we recommend for a new bakery or bagel restaurant. 


To create a top quality bakery products, you have to start at the beginning – the dough. A good dough needs the right ingredients, the right temperature must be mixed at the right speed consistently. To achieve this, we recommend a professional grade mixer, such as the Doyon 20 Quart General Purpose Planetary Mixer EM20, which has the size to support a busy restaurant or cafe, but also has the quality to provide the best results, without problems, for many months and years to come. 


One of the key ingredients in many baked products is just the right amount of moisture – and especially with bagels. By using a Gas Boiler, which combines a convection oven with a steam producer, to add more elements to your cooking. As well as helping to create a perfect crust on bread, adding the right amount of steam can also help cakes, bagels and even joints of meat. We recommend the Convotherm 4 easyTouch Gas Boiler 20.20 GB, which combines clever automatic systems which are a cinch to use, with a large capacity, which allows you to create hundreds of pastries, breads and more a day.  

Another name for a boiler like this, is combination oven, because you can combine steam and heat in different proportions. With bagels you can actually avoid the poaching element of cooking and simply program your boiler to steam the bagels before baking, which can boost your efficiency. 

If you would rather cook and bake in a more traditional manner, or if you have plans to provide more menu items, such as soups or pasta, then a good oven range can be the perfect answer. Using a Garland Gas 6 Burner Oven X Series Restaurant Range X36-6R is a great solution for kitchens of any size. It’s tough construction and easy to use controls make it an excellent, great value choice. 

For reheating and quickly responding to customer needs is a vital element of any small to medium-sized foodservice business’ success, and a rapid cook oven, which combines different heating methods to speed up cooking times. The Merrychef Eikon e2s Classic is produced by the market leader and can cook foods 22 times faster than conventional methods, perfect for serving customers piping hot dishes in a flash when they are in a hurry – perfect for building a good reputation. 


Good refrigeration is vital to any foodservice business, but for a bakery, it’s doubly important, as refrigeration is going to be key to so many important products. We recommend using a smaller undercounter refrigeration for your production station to increase productivity and then both reach in refrigerator and freezer for longer-term storage. 

The Delfield 24″ Two Door Undercounter/Worktable Refrigerator GUR24P-S is a fantastic option for the undercounter, and we recommend the Delfield Reach-In One Door Refrigerator GBR1P-S and the Delfield One Door Reach-In Freezer GBF1P-S for the longer term storage. All of these models feature front situated compressors for efficiency, and both the reach ins have top front situated compressors to reduce heat ingress to the unit. All three also have doors which close automatically if they are opened less than 90 degrees, but stay open over 90 – this means you are less likely to leave the door open, wasting electricity and getting a large utility bill, but loading is easier when you take deliveries. 


For a bakery where there will be lots of sticky pots and pans to wash, the warewasher is going to be a very important part of your foodservice equipment setup – choose the wrong piece of equipment and you could be late into the night, washing and rewashing. This is why we recommend a ‘hood’ type dishwasher, which is designed for heavy duty use, and continuous use during busy periods. The Meiko Door Type Dishwasher DV 80.2 is a great example – precision engineered to stand up to the very worst foodservice can throw at it. 


A bakery or bagel shop is a fantastic business to run – you share wholesome, delicious food with customers that are going to love your offer. But like any foodservice business, whether it becomes a successful business will depend on many factors. Efficiency is a vital part of that success and by choosing the right equipment you can reduce your stress, reduce your utility bills and boost your ability to produce fantastic products time and again. 

If you’d like to see a mock up of the kitchen outlined above, and a link to rent all of it in one easy click, click here.