The Beverage Air CT12-12HC-1HS Cross-Temp refrigerator/freezer provides 9 cu. ft. of storage space per cabinet through solid half doors that prevent warm air from entering the cabinet, and comes standard with 2 epoxy-coated shelves per section, the doors can also be locked after hours.

Its dual cabinet design easily converts from refrigerator to freezer and accommodates a total temperature range of -15 to 40ºF by modulating its coil temperature and using expansion valve technology, it can quickly reach a desired set point for storing cold or frozen products.

Especially well suited for foodservice or commercial kitchens that need both a refrigerator and freezer, 6″ casters allow the unit to be rolled aside with ease for cleaning or servicing.

Please note options and accessories are available, some may have an additional charge. Specify upon order. Please contact our US Sales team for more information.