The Cleveland PowerPan™ Gas Tilting Skillet SGL40T1NATHTPTD2 is ideal for the busy catering, restaurant and hotel sectors in mind.

With the Cleveland SGL-40-TR DuraPan natural gas tilt skillet, you can cook up to 100 lb. of ground beef or make up to 38 gallons of soup at once. Powerful 130,000 BTU burners allow the SGL-40-TR to preheat in just 11 short minutes, and its adjustable electronic thermostat has a temperature range of 100 to 425 degrees Fahrenheit. Meanwhile, at full capacity, the pan can go from cold to boiling in just 60 minutes.

This tilting skillet’s stainless steel clad 5/8″ thick cooking surface is guaranteed against warping. Its electronic thermostat is embedded only 1/8″ from the top surface for fast reaction to temperature inputs. The entire unit is constructed from durable stainless steel for easy cleanup and years of dependable service.