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Fetco BB1 Mini Single 1.5 Gallon Frozen Beverage Machine

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$21.07 per week
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$18.27 per week

The Fetco BB1 is a multipurpose cold beverage machine, featuring a 1 x 1.5 gallon bowl, perfect for granitas, slushies, and much more. A double auger design optimizes flavor and taste by churning simultaneously to ensure a steady, homogenous product mixture.

The “Total Cold” system helps eliminate waste because the pan under the auger remains at the perfect temperature and keeps product cold no matter how much is left to serve.  The machine features a wide range of operator controls to make managing your cold beverage service simple and easy.

Auto diagnostics also monitor performance metrics and alerts operators on various functions. Servicing is simpler since users have the ability to make adjustments to the machine through the touchpad.

Shipping to be quoted upon order. Please contact out sales team for more information.

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W x D x H: 9.84″ x 18.74″ x 21.85″


Empty Weight: 68 lbs
Filled Weight: 81.2 lbs


Bowl Capacity: (1) 1.58 Gallon [1 x 6.0 litre]


Compressor: 0.43 HP

Supply Connections


Voltage: 115V
Frequency: 60Hz
Amps: 2.8A
Phase: 1-Ph
Watts: 320W
Wires: 2+G
Connection: NEMA 5-15P


• Dispense different beverages or flavors from one machine
• Manufactured with a “Seal-less” patent
• User-friendly and easy-to-read electronic controls make operation simple
• Easy to clean and maintain
• Patented Total Cold System: Refrigerates mix from the bottom up and assures that your beverage is perfectly frozen to the very last drop
• Handle Locking System


PEL0401-0501 Mini Spec Sheet


How Does Try it Buy it work?

Our Try It Buy It offer, is a rental solution meaning you don’t own the equipment, but simply pay an amount each week to use it. We offer contracts of 2 or 3 years. At the end of the rental you can send the equipment back with no penalty, continue renting it under the same terms, or buy it outright, whichever suits you best.

Can I choose Big Rental, how is it different?

This is a package designed for multi-chain, stadiums, large restaurant/ venues, institutions and other locations like this when you just need a little more. Big Rental includes; our experts helping you to design your layouts, have experts help pick the best suited equipment, rent over a longer terms of 5 years, enjoy high levels of service and proactive maintenance. That’s one less thing for you to worry about at your venue, when it comes to your foodservice equipment – we’ve got you!

What is the difference between lease and rental?

Under a rental agreement, you do not own the equipment nor are you making payment instalments against a final purchase fee. Our rental agreements however provide the flexibility for you to hand back the equipment for no penalty fee at the end of the contract period, purchase it at market rate or carry on renting it. Equipment maintenance is covered under your rental agreement.

How much do I pay?

We charge weekly rental for the equipment to make it easy to budget. After you secure the items with the equivalent of a single weekly payment through the website we will ask for an 8 week deposit upfront, but this will be returned to you when you complete your contract as long as the equipment is in good order.

What credit checks will you do?

We ask all our rental customers to fill in a credit check form before we agree to send out equipment. It’s conducted through our partners at Experian, one of the world’s leading experts in credit. The form takes five minutes and is easy to understand, we can do this by sending you a link or over the phone. This allows us to understand the right level of credit to extend, which protects you from undue financial burden.

Will your credit check affect my credit score?

We undertake a soft credit check to assess your eligibility for our rental products.


When do I get my equipment?

7-10 days if ex stock, our advisors will let you know when you are finalising your order.

Do I need to pay for installation?

This depends on the equipment, but in most cases you will have to pay towards installation.

Kerbside deliveries

All deliveries, unless otherwise stated, are kerbside deliveries. This means we deliver to the kerb at your property, and you are responsible for moving them into position and installation.

Can I rent more if I already have one contract with you?

If your business is growing or you suffer an expected breakdown you can rent more! Each time you do we keep this simple and easy so you have clear view of your payment dates and amounts for each new addition!

What happens if the equipment breaks down?

Under rental contracts we will arrange for your equipment to be fixed if there is a problem with it. Equipment sales are covered by manufacturer’s warranty and additional aspects to service and maintenance are available depending on which rental type you chose.

Important equipment information

There may be a variety of power connections available with this product, or it may require additional connection equipment. Please also ensure that you have the correct power source in place to run the equipment. Please check with your sales representative if you’re unsure.


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