The Follett UMD425A80 Micro Chewblet™ (UM) ice machine can produce up to 425 lb of ice per 24hrs with 75 lb of integrated storage capacity in a compact footprint, being less than 24″ wide. it is ideal for space limited facilities

Using up to 25% less energy and 40% less water than comparable capacity ice machines to lower utility bills. This air cooled unit utilizes environmentally responsible R- R404a refrigerant, with a semi-automatic cleaning cycle that helps cut down on maintenance costs.

The Chewblet ice produced is perfect for hotels, restaurants, convenience stores, and more, this is suited for both undercounter or freestanding applications, being ideal for drinks due to its versatility.

Please note options and accessories are available upon order for an additional charge. Please contact our US Sales team for more information.