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The ADA-compliant Jackson DishStar ADA-SEER is a powerful undercounter that provides exceptional cleaning performance, using 0.60 gallons of water per rack can clean up to 20 racks per hour.

Unlike low temperature dishwashers that rely on a chemical sanitizer, the high temperature DishStar ADA-SEER sanitizes with 180°F rinse water so there is no chemical residue left on the ware. The Steam Elimination and Energy Recovery System (SEER) allows for install in customer-facing locations because it virtually eliminates the steam generated by the wash cycle.

This comes loaded with features that include Soft Start to protect glassware and dishes, a built-in booster heater with Sani-Sure™ final rinse system, built-in chemical pumps, an automatic prime and much more. Perfect for restaurants, coffee shops, cafes, bars, care facilities and convenience stores, and more.