The Josper Basque PVJ-076-2 Charcoal Grill is ideal for catering and restaurant busineses looking for the optimum grilling experience. It has a grilling area of 760 x 510 mm (x2) and a vertical track of 290 mm. The firing up time is about 20 minutes, with a grilling temperature of 250 ºC and daily charcoal consumption of 36 to 40 kg average.

The high-temperature resistant element provides smooth, continuous movement of the grill. The heat conduction allows unforced flow, limiting the heat transfer to reduce the outside temperature of the grill, and thus be easy to fit.  In the manufacturing process of the Basque Grill, high technology steel alloys is used and created by and for Josper, as well as advanced design in the construction of traditional grills.