The Lang 60-In Griddle Snap-Action 208/240v 160T is essential for any busy commercial kitchen, restaurant or hotel.

Powerful and reliable,  the Lang 60-In Griddle Solid State 208/240v 160S is the perfect addition to any kitchen space as it enables easy clean up with it’s with splash guards on the rear and side and additional grease trough. The user-friendly system and  independent temperature control allows for  multiple different products to be cooked evenly at the same time, perfect for busy periods.

The Lang 60-In Griddle Snap-Action 208/240v 160T also offers great heat distribution and retention due to the standard Accu-Temp™ controls which uses snap-action thermostats and operates between 200° F (93° C) and 550° F (288° C).  Optional Selectronic™ controls can also use a solid-state system which reacts to a temperature change as small as 1°F and operate between 175° F (79° C) and 450° F (232° C).