Small, strong, ready to perform, and that saves space, the Rational iVario 2-XS can replace the tilting pan, boiling pan and deep-fat fryer in a restaurant serving up to 100 meals, ideal for small to medium kitchens looking to serve the high quality results.

Intelligent technology, boils, fries and deep-fries, in two 4.5 gal pans for endless possibilities. This offers precise performance, with the ability to have different temperatures, for different food products, for different times, without monitoring and without additional kitchen equipment.

The iVario 2-XS is 4 times as fast as conventional cooking appliances with up to 40% less electricity consumption. An iZoneControl option, can allow both pans to be divided into a total of four zones, giving even more flexibility.

Installation variations, options, combinations of options, and special voltages available on request. Please contact our sales team for more information.