This salad spinner by Sammic is equipped with a powerful and reliable motor, the two-speed spinner can dry up to 20 gal. of lettuce and other vegetables at a maximum speed of 900rpm.

A Vibration Control System (VCS) ensures the the machine to operates smoothly and safely to prevent rattling, with a self lock-in mechanism to secure basket before the cycle starts and an innovative braking safety system ensuring the basket stops turning as soon as the lid opens.

The ES-200 is ideal for salad bars, production kitchens and more that offers a safe and effective way to dry large quantities of greens, able to fit under conventional countertops and fitted with castors for easy mobility and storage to maximize your kitchen space.

Please note optional equipment and accessories are available for an additional charge, also available in 230V, please speak to our US Sales Team.

Shipping to be quoted.