Turbo Air’s Mega Top refrigerated sandwich and salad preparation tables (TST-48SD-12M-N) boasts an impressive extra wide table top able to hold 12 pans with a small foot print. Perfect for kitchens with limited space.

This sandwich and salad preparation table and comes with Turbo Air’s cold bunker system, ensuring cold air flow evenly around the pans and not just underneath.  Two storage cupboards with stainless steel internal shelving, create a food safe and easy to clean usable space that Turbo Air are famous for.

Built to last, the Turbo Air refrigerated sandwich table has a self-cleaning condenser unit which prolongs the life of the unit.

A digital temperature control system with external display and automated monitoring, ensures that food safety standards relating to temperature are upheld.

This refrigerated preparation table is perfectly equipped to support diners, restaurants, cafes and take-away commercial food outlets.