The Turbo Air CTST-1200G-13-N Counter Top Clear Hood Salad Table Refrigerator has a compact, 47 1/4″ wide countertop design. It can hold 8 (1/6 size) or 4 (1/3 size) pans for added flexibility.

Made of durable stainless steel with a stainless steel lid, the salad prep table can withstand heavy use in high-volume locations. The unit is controlled via a panel located on the machine’s front, making it easy to be used and serviced without being moved.

A static cooling system using R290 refrigerant runs through a side mount compressor, a clear hood helps contain cold air and keep stored ingredients fresh, holding at 32°F ~ 41°F for the best in food preservation, while allowing employees and customers to easily view the stored products available.

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