The TWF-48SD-N features Turbo Air’s revolutionary self-cleaning condenser system. It automatically cleans the condenser by moving a rotating brush up and down across its surface preventing dust from building up on the coils reducing the stress on the compressor and the risk of it breaking down.

This unit comes with a heavy-duty, stainless steel shelf and bright, LED lighting that illuminates products inside. Ergonomically-designed, easy-open doors also features easy-open handles. A self-closing mechanism and magnetic gasket even help ensure that the door is properly shut when not in use.

Ideal for any foodservice or commercial business, the TWF-48SD-N gives a spacious storage area to keep all frozen ingredients with a convenient work surface all in one unit. For excellent mobility, the unit comes on a set of 4″ swivel casters.

Please note optional accessories are available for an additional charge. Please contact our US Sales team for more information.