The Turbo Air TOM-36L-UFD-W-1S-N features Turbo Air’s revolutionary self-cleaning condenser system, which automatically cleans the condenser by moving a rotating brush up and down across its surface. Not only does this process eliminate the need for your employees to manually clean the condenser every few weeks, but it prevents dust from building up on the coils.

It boasts 4.6 cu. ft. of space and a single display area to hold everything from f fresh salads, sandwiches, desserts and beverages, perfect for any foodservice operation.

This comes with a night curtain to save energy and requires a 115V electrical connection for operation and keeps contents at safe holding temperatures while letting you increase impulse sales of your most popular items.

Please note optional accessories is available for an additional charge. Please contact our US Sales team for more information.

Black color option available – please click here.