The Turbo Air ER72-3-N-V E-Line Top Mount Refrigerator is ideal for the restaurant, hotel and catering sectors. The condensate system surfaces have been specially treated to resist corrosion. This not only increases efficiency without the risk of refrigerant leakage from corrosion, but also prevents the overflow of condensate water.

The entire cabinet structure and solid doors are foamed-in-place using high density, CFC free polyurethane insulation. It boasts a stainless steel exterior (door) with AL exterior sides (galvanized steel top, bottom, and back). The interior has a stainless steel bottom with AL interior (walls, door liners, and top duct).

The top-mounted design also keeps the compressor away from dust and grime that settles near the floor, which improves its cleanliness and reduces the need for maintenance. Bright LED lighting gives great illumination onto nine adjustable, heavy-duty shelves.

Options and accessories are available, some may have an additional charge. Please contact our sales team for more.