Recommend Foodservice Equipment Rental to a Friend for Amazon Vouchers

We’re offering up to $50 of Amazon vouchers for new companies that you refer to Foodservice Equipment Rental.

If you know of any business that you think needs new catering equipment and could benefit from the FER service, tell them about us and you could receive up to $50 of Amazon vouchers, while they will receive 5% off their first rental order.

How it Works

Refer a maximum of 2 separate companies to FER and if it turns into a lead you’ll receive a $10 Amazon gift voucher for each one

If one of your referrals turn into an order, we’ll give you another $30.

To get started, simply send the following link to the company that you are referring, and ask them to fill in the details (remembering that they include your name!) –

Once we have spoken to the company you have recommended and established their requirement, we’ll be in touch to send you your voucher.


Valid on recommendations received from Jul 19 2021 onwards

Offer extends to recommendations of two separate companies and one confirmed contract for Foodservice Equipment Rental only and voucher amount paid will not exceed $50.

Total equipment order value must exceed $1,500 to be valid for the $30 Amazon Voucher

The confirmed order must come from one of the companies you have recommended

Each recommended company, must contact us using the details outlined in our “recommend a friend” form page, and reference the name of the person who recommended them

FER must have confirmed contact with the recommended person and confirm there is a genuine need for equipment

We reserve the right to cancel this offer, without notice, at any time

Each referral must be for a valid person within the referred company, who must be capable of placing an order for new catering equipment

Recommended contact must work within a valid business, with a trading address and company registration number

5% discount applies to first rental contract over $1,500 in total value and is for new customers only

Persons recommended to FER must have been done so by an existing customer of Foodservice Equipment Rental

Telephone: 888-965-5693
Email: [email protected]