Wanting to strengthen your morning? Investing in a coffee machine for your business is a great place to start.

However, you need to make sure you are choosing the correct style machine for your business, this guide will help you do just that.

Below are the most important questions the team here get asked when customers are sourcing coffee machines.

The 1st question you need to ask yourself, is what coffee are you wanting to serve?

If you run a diner, café, hotel, or government institution where the coffee you aim to serve is simple and cheap, invest in a filter coffee machine. These machines normally require ground coffee and will produce a simple black coffee, where cream or sugar can be added.

On the other hand, if you want to offer a more varied selection, but still wanting to focus your time and effort on other areas of your business, then a bean to cup machine may be a better option for you. These machines give you the option to serve cappuccinos, lattes, hot chocolates and more. All with a quick press of a button.

Finally, if you run a coffee shop, or you are aiming to create a coffee your customers will write home about, then invest in a barista machine. This will provide you with the highest quality coffee that will be the centre of attention for your customers. With a barista coffee machine, you can make all the cups of coffee that a bean to cup machine can but at a better quality along with some unique choices like ice coffees and vegan options.

2nd question: What demand to staff ratio does your business have?

Do you have a calm business atmosphere where people are willing to wait an appropriate amount of time for a cup of coffee? Or maybe you have enough staff to focus upon both serving customers and making coffee? If so, then consider a barista machine. It’s important for customers waiting around for a product, that their expectations are met. Whilst barista coffee can take longer than bean to cup coffee machines and pouring of a filter coffee, they often taste fresher, nicer and the result is generally better quality.

Key tip: If you are investing in a barista machine, make sure you have the correct training or expertise that is required to get the best quality result

Alternatively, if you have a limited number of staff or believe it’s better to keep your staff focusing on other areas of your business, then consider a bean to cup coffee machine. Unlike Barista machines, these machines don’t need cleaning after each use and some models take only 30 seconds or so to pour. Therefore, if you think a better use of your staff’s time is cooking food and serving customers rather than making coffee, invest in a machine that makes it for you. If your business is constantly hectic and you have people asking for more coffee but aren’t willing to wait for your staff to make some, then think about a filter coffee machine. Their design means that staff can be constantly walking around your premises filling up cups without having to go back to the counter to refill after each pour and allow you to have more than one jug of coffee being used at once.

The final question to ask yourself: How much do you want to spend on a coffee machine?

If cost is a real consideration for your business, but you still want a great cup of coffee, then equipment rental may be the ideal solution to get that barista of bean to cup machine your business desires. With rental, you can preserve your business capital, and pay for equipment through controlled regular payments.

However, if you want just to want cheap coffee, then a filter coffee machine will overall be the lower-cost options, which you can still spilt up the cost through rental payments.

In comparison, bean to cup machines have a larger cost attached to them. However, the cost of running them throughout their lifetime can be minimal. This is because they use coffee beans which is a cheap alternative compared to grounded barista coffee. In addition, there are no extra labour cost of running or cleaning the machine involved, due to their automatic features. So, whilst it may seem more expensive to start with, if you aren’t looking to produce the highest quality of coffee, then a bean to cup machine can be the more affordable option.

If you want to spend what it takes to get the highest quality cup of coffee, rent or buy a barista machine. Barista machines do not always have as big of a cost as been to cup coffee machines. However, overall, they are a larger investment, due to their manual features and extra features needed for them.

Our Advice Summerised

Getting a coffee machine can be one of the biggest investments you can make for your business. So, it’s important you think about all market options. If you want to make the best coffee in America? Get a barista machine. Need a cheap way to offer coffee? Grab a filter coffee machine. Finally, want good coffee but it’s not the core focus on your business? Then try Bean to cup coffee machine

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