What foodservice equipment do you need when you have a bar and grill restaurant?


A bar and grill restaurant is a fine American tradition – and people love to get the best burgers, steaks and chicken wings whatever the time of day. Choosing the right equipment setup is vital for the smooth running of any restaurant – in fact it can boost your productivity and reduce costs, so it matters more than you might think.

Below we outline what we think is a great setup for a bar and grill restaurant – check it out and see what you think….


Every good bar and grill needs a good charbroiler, to add the distinctive branding to meats and other foods. We recommend the Star-Max® Radiant Gas Charbroiler 6124RCBF as a fantastic value option for a new business.

A good griddle can be perfect for burgers, bacon and eggs, so a wider model can help you get the most out of the space available – we love the Garland Heavy-Duty Gas Counter Top Griddle GTGG24-GT24M, which has a solid 1inch top to ensure even cooking across its whole surface, giving you confidence. 

A fryer is vital for fries, chicken and more – we advise choosing a fryer with a large oil tank, as it retains more heat and is more efficient during busy sessions, when cold food can reduce the oil temperature, and result in a bigger utility bill. A great compromise is the Frymaster 17 Liter Twin Basket Energy Star Value Gas Fryer ESG35T,  which is slim but has a 17 liter tank. 

A good oven range gives you more options for preparing sauces and breads, and a great value choice is the Garland Gas 6 Burner Oven X Series Restaurant Range X36-6R

In today’s fast moving world, fast service is vital for keeping customers happy  – rapid cooking ovens have arisen to fulfil this need  – cooking up to 22x faster than conventional methods. The best in the market is the Merrychef Eikon e2s Classic, which can produce hot sandwiches, small pizzas, bacon and more in the blink of an eye.

A good gas boiler can give you huge versatility in any kitchen – for the hot sides and more that you need to give your grill that extra special something, the Convotherm 4 easyTouch Gas Boiler 20.20 GB, with its clever steam  injection, can create some wonderful meals with hardly any effort at all, thanks to its clever touchscreen and cooking systems. 


A good restaurant can operate without  great refrigeration – but getting your setup right to support fast service is just as important. We recommend a smaller undercounter fridge at your production station, such as the Delfield 24″ Two Door Undercounter/Worktable Refrigerator GUR24P-S, which allows quick, easy access to the food you need when you need it. But we also advocate having large reach-in freezers and fridges for long term storage too. The Delfield Reach-In One Door Refrigerator GBR1P-S and Delfield One Door Reach-In Freezer GBF1P-S are two great examples.

All three of these units have front and, in the case of the reach ins, top sited compressors to reduce energy consumption, and have clever doors that close automatically if opened less than 90 degrees, but stay open over 90 degrees, meaning  you don’t waste energy leaving the doors open by accident, but loading is a breeze. 


Warewashing is a vital part of the restaurant, and you need to make sure that the unit you choose can handle the busiest times, or it will hurt your efficiency. That’s why we recommend the Meiko Door Type Dishwasher DV 80.2,w which can wash hundreds of plates an hour, and is meticulously engineered so it won’t let you down in the middle of a busy session. 


Choosing the right equipment setup for a bar and grill restaurant is really important. Get it right and you will serve people faster, have fewer breakdowns and reduce your stress whilst spending less money. Get it wrong and you’ll be slower, stressed to the max and will make less from every sale. 

If you want to see the above setup visually, and have the chance to rent the whole setup with one click, check out our kitchen example page here.