You can with rental

With Rental You Can

There’s no doubt you’ve have had it tough over the last 2 years.

With operating restrictions in place due to Covid and customers staying away from the seated eating environment, hospitality operators have faced a hugely uncertain time.

In a recent report released by the National Restaurant Association, it highlighted the additional struggles that operators in the hospitality sector have faced recently due to rising food costs, labor shortages and an increase in employee wages, as well as fluctuating consumer confidence and lack of disposable income.

Cash has never been such a valuable commodity within a business and owners are facing tough decisions as to where to spend their dollars to adapt and survive, not only in the current climate but during the next 12 months as the market slowly recovers.

While costly new kitchen equipment might seem out of reach right now, we’re here to tell you that with rental you can.

How rental benefits you and your business

Don’t let the increasing strain on cash hold you back from getting the equipment you need for your business. Here’s how rental is on your side, and here to help you today.

Get the equipment you need for now and the future

Rental offers a capital free way to get the equipment you need without using up valuable dollars. Whether you’re looking to replace that vital piece of equipment your menu depends on, or adapt your offer to the current customer tastes and trends, rental gets you the equipment you need without the upfront cost.

We’ve seen many businesses change their offering over the last 12 months to adapt to changing consumer trends; whether that’s offering a carry out service, changing up their menu, or increasing their beverage offer to name a few. If expanding your offer seems way off, rental gives you the option to get the equipment you need straight away, letting you get up and running without costly upfront investments.

Pay for your equipment from the money it’s making

Through fixed weekly payments, you pay for your equipment from the money it’s making for you, leaving you with cash to spend elsewhere in your business where you need it most.

No more worries about breakdowns

As long as you’re renting equipment you’re covered for maintenance. No more unexpected costs or headaches for you if equipment breaks down. You can plan for the future, knowing your equipment is in safe hands.

Rental is for everyone

If you’re just starting out or getting back on your feet, you can do it with rental too. We have packages to suit businesses of all ages, sizes and finance. So, if you’re looking to start or expand a business and are put off by the high costs involved in the hospitality sector, rental offers a way to seriously free up your cash and let you achieve your dreams.

It’s simple and quick

With rental it’s simple and quick. Once you’ve picked the equipment you need, you’ll get our decision in minutes, your new equipment will be ordered and you’re ready to go. It’s that simple.

It’s clear that you’ve had a challenging couple of years, and we’re in for a bumpy few months ahead on the road to recovery, but we are in this with you. Rental offers a way to take the pressure off you and your business. Let us help you get your money working more effectively, by getting you the equipment you need when you need it. Speak to us today to find out how we can move your dreams forward faster.

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